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About the ArtistJennifer Taylor Charlotte Artist Store-N-Style

Store-N-Style, LLC.  is the creation of Jennifer Gregory Taylor, a lifelong artist who was inspired by one of her most memorable life moments – her wedding day.

When she and her husband wed in Costa Rica in 2007, there was a local artist roaming the resort who felt moved to put brush to canvas and capture the special energy of the special vows that had been exchanged in the breathtaking outdoor venue. 

Those swirls of vivid blue paint now hang on the wall in the couple’s home together – and thanks to Store-N-Style’s unique artistic creations, your most memorable days can be immortalized on the walls of your home as well.

“I feel like art based around life changing events is invaluable and preserves an innocence in today’s busy world. It’s those moments that everyone sees through their own vision, and as an artist I find these important life moments are spectacular and it gives me great joy to have a touch in creating memories that can be talked about over and over and last forever.”

Before devoting herself full time to art, Jennifer enjoyed a varied career path including pro sports marketing and broadcasting which allowed her to revel in environments of creativity and great personal interactions – two of her true passions. 

With Store-N-Style, Jennifer wanted to create an innovative, expressive business that specializes in completely individualized products and strong personal connections to her customers.

“My only real goal is to be known for helping others make their most spectacular moments last forever.”

Please contact us today to learn how Jennifer can help make your memories last for a lifetime.